Positively R.A.W. (Right Attitude Wins): Self First Workbook


By: Sandra B. Tate

As a life mastery coach aka “The Ballsy Coach,” Sandra Tate has developed life-training programs as a certified seminar leader (CSL) that focus o… READ MORE


Create the life you deserve or life will give you what you don’t! ~Sandra B. Tate, Life Mastery “The Ballsy” Coach & Trainer A ballsy person isn’t afraid of anyone or anything to be happy or fulfilled in life. These types of people take bold strides to achieve their goals. A journey into an exciting ballsy “No Bullshit” new future requires you to take bold steps—Period! Having a ballsy attitude means taking the bull by the horns and pursuing your dreams regardless of how tough it might be to do so. In order to achieve what you desire, you need to think about: –Where am I now? –Where do I desire to be? –How am I going to get there? In this PRAW Workbook, companion to Sandra B. Tate’s “Positively R.A.W. (Right Attitude Wins),” we offer a series of exercise to explore these key desires, and to help you do a deep diver into these core questions: Where do I desire to be? How do I Visualize My Future? These two thoughts and the answers that evolve from your self-exploration will be the keys that open you up to YOU. Understand these and you will truly find those unanswered questions – Answered!! Welcome to the new “Ballsy” You, with wealth to spare, share, and know. “Sandra B. Tate’s Positively R.A.W. (Right Attitude Wins) is the must-read book of the decade for anyone wanting to reinvent their lives, empower their spirit and achieve beyond their wildest dreams!—Philippe SHOCK Matthews, host, The Philippe Matthews Show

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Sandra B. Tate is best known as “The Ballsy Coach”. Through her groundbreaking life training company, TateWorks, Tate has concentrated her highly-acclaimed motivational expertise on consulting services for life balance and work-life coaching solutions for corporate HR departments, training managers and employees. TateWorks has also delivered solutions for the use of effective communications strategies for promoting top-level project success with critical business clients. Sandra helps others by guiding women to focus on their unique abilities while striving to be happy from within to achieve success.

Sandra B. Tate hails from Camberwell, London, England but spent much of her childhood in sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica. She attended City and East London College in Great Britain and moved to New York City in 1984. Here she studied communications and psychology in the heart of Manhattan, at Hunter College. While attending Hunter, Ms. Tate became a SEEK peer mentor and a member of the SEEK Provost Committee. It was here that her love for mentoring and sharing open dialogue to solve important, personal issues solidified, leading her to become, as she describes it, a “Helper of Womankind”.

Sandra launched herself with much gusto into the world of work. Shortly after graduating in 1990, she began working as a special assistant to New York State Senator David Paterson. She later held executive assistant positions with the New York Public Library, Toshiba America, Inc. and Ann Taylor. Following this, Ms. Tate graduated to a role as an information technology consultant for both McKinsey & Co. and Arthur Andersen. She also served as a technical project leader in the information technology solutions group at Deloitte & Touché, where she performed advanced-level research, planning and testing of new technology and related services. Similar duties were performed at the New York City Administration for Children’s Services.

While Sandra’s career offered much satisfaction, she strived to return to her first love of helping others. Ms. Tate founded TateWorks with a vision of helping people help themselves to achieve success.

In her spare time Ms. Tate can be found driving fast cars or enjoying the beach on tropical warm islands. She is equally happy at home in the kitchen preparing and cooking exotic foods for loved ones, where you’ll find her serving up fair, no-nonsense advice.


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