Hi, I’m Sandra

Sandra B. Tate is best known as "The Ballsy Coach" to her clients. Through her groundbreaking life training company, TateWorks™ established in New York since 2003, Sandra has concentrated her highly-acclaimed motivational expertise on consulting services for life balance and work-life coaching solutions for corporate HR departments, training managers and employees. TateWorks™ has also delivered solutions for the use of effective communications strategies for promoting top-level project success with critical business clients.

TateWorks™ has now expanded our services to include customized "self-coaching" workshops geared to help college seniors and graduates wade through the uncertain challenges they will face in their new realities after college. We teach you to tap into your individual unique abilities and focus on what makes you most fulfilled.  What they might not have taught you in college is that the workplace is completely different now. You need to truly understand what you want and have the entrepreneurial drive to go out and get it.

Sandra B. Tate hails from Camberwell, London, England but spent much of her childhood in sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica. She attended City and East London College in Great Britain and moved to New York City in 1984. There she studied communications and psychology in the heart of Manhattan, at Hunter College. While attending Hunter, Ms. Tate became a SEEK peer mentor and a member of the SEEK Provost Committee. It was here that her love for mentoring and sharing open dialogue to solve important, personal issues solidified, leading her to become, as she describes it, a "Helper of Womankind".


More About Sandra


Sandra launched herself with much gusto into the world of work. Shortly after graduating in 1990, she began working as a special assistant to New York State Senator David Paterson. She later held executive assistant positions with the New York Public Library, Toshiba America, Inc. and Ann Taylor. Following this, Ms. Tate graduated to a role as an information technology consultant for both McKinsey & Co. and Arthur Andersen. She also served as a technical project leader in the information technology solutions group at Deloitte & Touché, where she performed advanced-level research, planning, and testing of new technology and related services. Similar duties were performed at the New York City Administration for Children's Services.


While Sandra's career offered much satisfaction, she strives to return to her first love of helping others. Ms. Tate founded TateWorks™ with a vision of helping people help themselves to achieve success. In her new book, Positively R.A.W. (Right Attitude Wins) a self-help book with a difference, the “Ballsy Coach”, as Sandra B. Tate the author is known, reflects all the challenges, struggles and joys of how positive thinking, success principles, and empowerment will take quality of life to a whole new level.


In her spare time, Ms. Tate can be found driving fast cars or enjoying the beach on tropical warm islands. She is equally happy at home in the kitchen preparing and cooking exotic foods for loved ones, where you'll find her serving up fair, no-nonsense advice.

Coaching Information

Type of Coaching: Self Mastery More Specific Types of Coaching: Self - Life Mastery Coaching, Life Coaches, Other Coaching Style: Challenging, Accountability, Assignment Driven, Compassionate but unconventionally effective using creative ideas to have you see yourself more honestly. Self-Mastery Coaching Workshops where the solutions to problems come from the inside-out. Your choices - Your Results! Coaching Delivered Via: Live, Phone, Skype, Other Strengths: There is no greater way to help others than by being your authentic self from the first impression to the last. My Strengths are based on my sincerest wish to see others living their most authentic lives. It's those mirrored challenges and obstacles that are thrown from every direction that will reveal what we are all made of, and what we can accomplish if we work together. My honesty, personality, unconventional knowledge about the human condition, and intuition from my own life's experiences are what connects me to others who are facing similar forks in the road. Helping others understand that who they are from the inside out is really the key that unlocks the most important person within to finally come out to play. Life is truly not about discovering ourselves but creating ourselves to be and have the experiences that really matter. The client’s greatest joys are my greatest rewards, and I relish the whole process to help them get there. Both my name and astrological sign mean "The Helper and Defender of Mankind", and womankind. Helping you find the voice and balls to make this life truly yours is my greatest wish. Motto: To master all that life has to offer, you must first master yourself. Only then, can you create the transformation, love and the right attitude to manifest your best!
Coaching Philosophy:  As a life mastery coach, I believe we all have an incredible gift to share when we are at our best. Not only are the results contagious, but it inspires others to reach up, step up and step out to meet life on their terms as well. It's understanding that we have enough to move forward from where we stand to what is at the core our created destinies. No one outside of ourselves can give us the power we seek to make those changes to move forward consistently or effectively. It's loving what's on the other side of what we are seeing that makes life so worthwhile. Isn't it time to get a good night's rest for a change? instead of struggling isn't it time to start striving to master what matters most to you?  Your time. Your choices. Your Desires. If you believe in your abilities, then as a life mastery coach I can show you the mirror that you want to see - The Real You. Looking for coaching buddy? Yes

Professional Background

Coaching since: 2005

Coaching Education:

  • City University of New York-Hunter College
  • Bachelor of Arts, Human Communication/Psychology
  • Certified Seminar Leader (CSL)










Experience: Coaching is a natural extension of who I’ve been all my life. I like sharing and helping people despite age, color, creed, religion or cultural differences. In the end, people are just people, reaching for the important stuff that life has to offer. We all want to be and feel loved, respected, supported, fulfilled and happy.  My experience as a coach seemed like to stem from my kindergarten years when kids would come to me to mediate their territorial issues in the playground.  Now I do it in the professional arena but in the office space instead of the playground.  There are those who had time-management, personal, professional and social concerns and wanted to hear my ideas and options so they could consider their path forward.  They would return to thank me because once the solution and changes were identified and made sense to them, they would implement them. They would always feel so much better after that initial talk with me. I might not have all the answers to my own life, but I sincerely and smartly seek out the right solutions to help others when needed. I’m comfortable being wrong, but that’s the beauty about life – it’s not really wrong if you learn more about yourself from the experience. I’m a great listener and willing to share information that others feel is invaluable to their personal growth. I created a SELF FIRST Success System that puts the client’s self-knowledge and awareness at the wheel of their own life. The client sees themselves more clearly and understands both choices and results are their responsibility. My clients walk away no longer confusing activity with effectiveness, but rather guard their energy. No longer spending precious time judging others or themselves, on negative self-talk, argumentative banters or procrastination. You have to be ruthless with your time, concentrating it on those things that matter most like passions, family, creating a better self and loving life more. You’ll be amazed how productive and satisfying life can be when you get zoned for it.

In my new book, Positively R.A.W. (Right Attitude Wins) I review key areas of our lives that need to be streamlined by just having the right attitude for yourself.  And when you adopt that attitude, it will definitely affect others to do the same. Here we are all creating a Win-Win for a satisfying, healthy way of living, and that my friend is Priceless!